Maybe many people have experienced the situation when you are rushing to go to work and suddenly the engine won’t start. Some even tried to press the fuel while turning the key, however the engine still won’t start. 

Here are among the 10 reasons why the engine won’t start:

1.Low or dead battery

One of the usual reasons on why the engine won’t start is either due to your car has low or dead battery. This usually happened when the car makes a clicking noise. This is because the battery would be unable to charge and supply power to the car to start the engine.

The solution to this problem to jump start your car using the jumper cable. Once you able to start the engine, make sure you change your battery.

For your information, there are two types of battery which are the dry and wet cell battery. Thus, for wet cell battery, you will need to regularly check the battery water level and refill it if necessary. Usually the battery check done together with every 5000 km service would be sufficient, unless the age of the battery is more than 2-3 years, where a more frequent check is required. As for the dry cell battery, you will need to observe the battery light alert which indicate the battery is almost dead.

2. The gear transmission

Check the position of the gear when starting the engine. Make sure it is in P or N position before starting the engine. The engine won’t start if the gear is left in D or R positions.

3. Spark Plug Failure

If you are having trouble to start the engine after eliminating the two factors above, this might be due to having bad or worn spark plugs. Sometimes, even if you manage to start the engine, the sound of the engine is not smooth, there is a possibility of spark plug failure.

This is as the spark plug fails, the engine won’t be able to start as the spark needed to get the engine start is unavailable. The only solution to this problem is to change the spark plug as soon as possible. It is advised to get a mechanic to do it for you unless you have the tools and skills of doing it on your own.

Among the symptoms of spark plug failure is despite pressing the fuel pedal, the car seems slow and heavy.

4. Faulty starter

The starter function is to start the engine and move the piston. Therefore, if the starter is damaged, it loses the energy to drive the combustion system in the car engine. That is why the car won’t start. 

Actually, before the starter fails, it will show a few symptoms. For example, if you hear noise from your starter but the engine didn’t crank. Sometimes, when the engine is still on, when we try to crank again, we will hear sound as if the steel is shifted against the wall.

This could indicate wear of the starter. So, it is recommended to change the starter right away to prevent failure to start the engine happened.

5. Clogged Oil Filter

There is a possibility that the engine won’t start due to clogged oil filter. The clogged oil filter would prevent the engine oil from entering the car engine. 

This would lead to the failure of piston movement and combustion process. Therefore, make sure that the oil filter is changed every time you service your car.

6. Fuel pump failure

If the fuel pump is damaged, the fuel from the tank won’t be able to be pump to the engine. This lead to a failure in starting the car. Only when the oil is in the engine, the spark plug would be able to combust the fuel to start the engine.

7. Not enough fuel in the tank

Check whether you have enough fuel to start the car. Sometimes when the fuel is too low, it would result in the car unable to start.

8. Jammed Air Conditioner Compressor

Engine car unable to start might be due the air conditioner compressor is jammed or stuck. It is possible to start the engine by cutting the air conditioner and power steering belt, but you will need to bring it to the workshop as soon as possible to get the new one. But it is more advisable to get professional help in this situation.

Based on the problem listed, it is undeniable that most of the situation can be avoided by servicing your car according to the scheduled. Don’t forget to choose SERV as the platform to service your car. Every booking come with free 22 checkpoints inspection.Visit www.serv.my for more information.

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