Considering that majorities of the road users are cars, these are the things that every car users should do while driving on the road.

1.Avoid the blind spots

Every vehicle has blind spots. It is important to remember that for large vehicles such as lorry, bus and trailer would have large blind spot areas. An example of a situation that involve blind spot is when you tried to overtake a car, you suddenly realised there is another car really near beside you

Therefore, try to avoid from being in the blind spot area as this could be dangerous. The blind spot usually occurred at the left, right and back sides of the large vehicle. However, driving at the front of a large vehicle could also be dangerous, as large vehicle would require longer distance and more times to slow down or stop. 

2.Give way to other road users especially motorist and cyclist

Motorist should ride their motorcycles on a proper driving lane, not in the emergency lane. Hence make sure that you give enough space when overtake the motorcycle. Overtaking the motorcycle too close can caused panic to the motorist and possibly leading to accident.

3.Beware with the pedestrian

You need to always be aware with your surrounding while driving. If you happened to see a pedestrian at the side of the road -especially children, make sure that you slow down the car. Try to avoid puddle and pass through it slowly if there is any pedestrian nearby.


Everyone already know about the need to be considerate on the road, but many seems to forget about it the moment they start to drive. Just remember that everyone wants to safely arrive at their destination, so please be considerate with each other.

Do not act like a road bully, surely our roads will be a lot safer for everyone. 

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