Ever notice the Eco Mode button and wonder what is it? Due to the popular demand on the fuel-saving car in the market right now, more companies are now exploring to implement the eco-driving technology to their cars. It is claimed to be perfect for driving in the city.

Nevertheless, as the technology has been available to a great number of cars nowadays, a majority of the car users seems to still wonder on what it actually does as well as how and when to use it. There are several cars even automatically activate the Eco Mode when driving at certain speeds. 

For your information, Eco Mode stands for the Economical Mode of the car. Upon activation, it would alter certain features of the car mechanically. It functions to maximise on the driving mileage that can be achieved from every litre of the fuel consumed. 

As Eco Mode is activated, the performance of transmission and engine are hindered. Or in a simple term – underpowered. This is done by reducing the throttle response to become more gradual in favour of fuel economy. Some car companies even claimed it would affect the AC control, where the climate control will be less aggressive in maintaining the set temperature.

One of the drawbacks of driving in Eco Mode is that the process of acceleration would be smoother and not sharp. This sometimes can lead to frustration to the driver and among the main reason, drivers refuse to activate it. Besides that, being underpowered caused the car a struggle to drive in hilly areas. Hence, the feature is only really suitable for driving in the city as the driver mostly drives under lower speed compared during long-distance trip. 

All in all, the fuel consumption basically depends on the driver driving behaviour. Thus, a reckless driving would still consume more fuels despite being in Eco Mode. But it is nice to have the Eco Mode feature as an option. This is considering that it can help you maximise the fuel mileage while making the drive more environmentally-friendly.

Do you know that a well maintained car will reduce the fuel consumption?

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