Many people measure the power of a vehicle by comparing the “cc” number, but do we know what does “cc” represent? 

Cubic centimeter (cc) is the displacement volume in the engine, in other words the total volume obtained from the distance used by the piston is multiplied by the surface area of ​​the piston as well as the number of cylinders.

For example: 1000 cc = 1 litre

This means that 1000 cc engine has a volume equal to 1 litre of engine. The term “cc” is commonly used for low powered engine components, motorcycles (10 to 1000 cc or more) and also trucks (up to 2000 cc). 

The term litre is more suitable to be use up till it reached V8 levels which is 6 litres or more. This is because larger volumes can accommodate more gasoline and generate stronger explosions for each piston movement. 

This in turn resulted in higher power allowing the vehicle to be able to accelerate faster. You can refer to the video below on how to calculate the ‘cc’ for a vehicle.

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