Car dealers usually offer a variety of color choices to allow buyers to make a choice according to their taste.

The most common color options are black, white and silver but they may offer other colors option such as green, yellow red and blue.

The variety of color choices allow whether the users make their choice based on needs or colors, as the colors reflect their psychology. Furthermore, it is undeniable that color plays a major role in increasing the car sales.


The owner of this car is interpreted as someone picky. This is because the owner love perfection and cleanliness. In addition, the white color also symbolizes the owner as someone that is young-minded car and loves simplicity in life.


The black color looks exclusive and full of mystery. It also symbolizes power, prestige and exclusivity of the owner lifestyle. The owner is usually relate as a conservative who likes classic objects and likes to be seen as a professional in his career and his life.


Blue is considered as a soothing color. So, there is a possibility that the driver is calm even in traffic jams. The blue color is commonly associates with friendly personality.


The personality of this car owner is normally open-minded, optimistic and fascinated by the challenge. Generally yellow car owners are also young souls and always have a high spirit to succeed in life. According to Eiseman, a color expert in America say that those who choose yellow have a bright future trend. Those yellow car enthusiasts know that they will get the attention and they usually have a funny character.


This color is perfect for those of you who have a passionate personality. It would usually attract other to stop and stare at the car. The orange color also symbolizes you being a friendly, enthusiastic and always happy.


If you have a silver or gray car, you are a practical, innovative, smart in the business and have a good taste. You are also a calm and not exactly a friendly person. This neutral color can disguises the dirt on the car making it ideal for you who have a busy lifestyle. This color has metallic gloss resembling stainless steel equipment and modern technology, showing you a sophisticated person.


The owner of a red car is said to be an emotional person. They often act their heart and instincts however most of the decisions they take are right as expected. In addition, their able to guess the feelings of surrounding people even if not explicitly stated. Because of this, they are often approached by people as they are more understanding. They are also active and talkative.


If you are a green car owner, you are an independent person and no matter what others think about you. This means you are a dislike of trends and you do something to your own. 


Purple cars are rarely seen on the road. The purple color is said to be the color of creativity and often people who have purple cars get a lot of attention. People who drive a purple car want to be seen as an individualist (independent).


The owner of your chocolate car is a realistic, thrifty and honest person – although sometimes you tend to be straightforward to the unnecessary things. In addition, you prefer long-used cars instead of luxury cars decorated with leather interior and luxury accessories. Marcie Cooperman says someone who loves chocolate does not like to buy something new, he will use it as long as something can be used. They also do not care about the style and may use the car until it is damaged.

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