The growth of technology in the automotive industry has reached an impressive level with the production of Autonomous Car or commonly known as Self-driving car. Autonomous car is a car that able to drive on its own by detect the situation surrounding it and making movement without the help of human being.

Nowadays, more cars of this type are still in research and still operate under human supervision as it has not has been legalized by the law to be on the road. The objective of autonomous car technology is to reduce the rate of accident as well as to improve the human lifestyle.

The growth of the autonomous car industry can be divided into 6 stages:

Level 0- The usage of automatic sensor which would alert driver when accident almost occurred. For example, the reverse sensor to help the driver when reversing.

Level 1- (Hands on) Both the driver and car would control the car. For example, the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) which functions by the driver controlling the steering wheel while the car system controls the speed.

There is also Parking Assistance that able to park the car automatically. This concept allows the car to take over fully on the wheels without any assist from the driver.

Level 2- (Hands Off) The automatic system controls the vehicle fully (acceleration, braking and steering control). The driver only need to observe and react fast if the system does not function as it should have been.

Level 3- (Eyes Off) Drive able to do other things without bothering on the driving as it would be control by the system. For example, at this level the driver is able to use their phone.

At this level, the system would react fast and control the whole situation. The only time that the driver would need to pay attention is it reached the interval alert time set by the car manufacturer, usually every certain minute or whenever the warning message is exhibit the system. 

Level 4- (Mind Off) This level is almost the same with level 3 except that it would require even less attention from the driver. The driver can sleep or even be in the passenger seat.

Level 5- (Wheel Optional) At this stage, the car can move on its own, without the presence of driver in the car.

Hence, as the levels of autonomous car are listed above, there is still certain features or improvement that can be added to achieve the purpose of producing the self-driving car.

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