The first thing that comes into question is how safe are you in this wet and gloomy weather. Are the front and back lights working? Are the tyres in good condition? A responsible driver always makes sure anything that puts their risk in stake, worth a double check.However, one thing that drivers always overlook is not the ones that are not unreachable by any human’s eyesight; instead, it’s right in front of the eyes. The wipers.

Have you experienced a rainy day when the wiper does not deliver its job well? That annoying squeaking sound? That smeared windshield that blocks your view? A faulty wiper can create unnecessary obstruction that could endanger the drivers’ safety and everyone around.

That means it is time for you to replace your wiper. Having a routine check on the condition of the wiper is as important as getting your car serviced on its scheduled date. Wipers should be replaced every 6 months to one year. However, the signs could be seen even before the 6 month period. The list below outlines the signs that you need to pay attention to your wiper before calling it for a replacement.

1. Wiper Rubber Parts

The rubber parts should not have imperfections as the piece could have signs of breaks, cracks and splits. If you notice those signs, then replace them quickly. If you have used it for a long time then you could see the rubber parts may have a rounded look.

2. Streaks on the Windshield

Your wipers are dirty if it leaves a film of dirt on the windshield. Even after you have sprayed it off, it will keep leaving streak marks if the wipers are not replaced.

3. Loud Squeaking Sound

That noisy sound when the wipers are dragged across the windshield does not just cause an unpleasant driving experience but it also shows that there is only a minimal contact between the rubber and the surface of the windshield.

4. Bent Frame

A bent frame or blade won’t allow the wiper to be fully in contact with the windshield. A bent frame could be due to rough handling on the wiper when wiping the dirt off. It may seem that the wiper could still doing its job just fine, but soon it won’t be delivering its job well

5. Uneven Windshield Contact

When you see there is an area where the windshield would not reach anymore, that means the blades are never into contact with that surface anymore. This might indicate the rubber is old or the frame is actually bent. Thus, the wipers are not doing their jobs anymore.

Your wipers are an important component for a safe drive. It is the key component of your visibility in driving during the rainy days. As mentioned earlier, the wipers are the most overlooked parts for maintenance yet it is the easiest parts to replace. Have a look at the owner’s manual as it contains the specific length and type of wipers for your car. Ensuring a safe driving experience is the motivation that drives working day and night thinking about it. We think from the biggest factor like car servicing to the smallest details, like the car wiper replacement. If you would like to replace your wiper, book with us when you service your car.

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