If you’re in a pinch and your car suddenly failed on you, here’s what you can try to diagnose or troubleshoot your vehicle:

1. Check the Gear Position

The gear should be either at “P” or “N” for you to be able to start the car.

2. Check any accessories that you might forget to switch off

Is it possible that you forgot to switch off the interior light or the headlight when you leave the car? Do you mistakenly leave your car key at the ignition the whole night? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you might have a weak battery problem.

3. Turn on the ignition

Is there any sound? A clicking or cracking sound is a sign that your battery is weak or dead. 

That being said, if there’s no sound, it still could be a battery problem. Check whether there’s any unusual experience when starting your car. For example, any dim lights, or the radio is not working. Also, try to recall the last time you changed your battery. These days, most batteries last for about 1-2 years, so it could be time for you to change the battery.

Another possibility when there’s no sound is that it could be a starter problem. One of the signs of a worn-out starter is a steel grinding sound when the engine is running.

4. Fuel tank & pump

This might be a little bit silly, but it’s possible that you just ran out of fuel. Sometimes, it could also be due to clogged fuel filters and pump problems. However, there’s no easy way to confirm and troubleshoot this, so try to eliminate the others possibilities first. 

5. Jumpstart the vehicle

After jumpstarting the vehicle and the vehicle still won’t start, that might be a sign that the problem is likely not with the battery. You might need to tow your car to the nearest workshop. Protips for you: Towing service is covered under certain insurance policies, so be sure to contact your insurance provider before arranging any third party towing. 

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