The day for Raya celebrations is just around the corner with only one week left for preparations. As Malaysians spend the rest of the week shopping for our Raya clothes and goodies, we may overlook the more crucial parts to what makes a great Raya celebration: ensuring their car is ready for that journey to Balik Kampung. However, these students from UniKL have partnered with SERV to organize a complimentary vehicle check up at the UNIKL MFI Bangi campus.

Between the 25th of May until 29th of May 2022, a group of students from Kelab Automotif UNIKL MFI Bangi have started an initiative where they will be offering FREE vehicle inspections to anyone who drops by. So whether you haven’t had the time to service or you want to get a first opinion prior to your service to better understand your car’s needs, this week-long initiative happening now is open to anyone at no cost.

This initiative, led by one of the students, Zakirin, aims to expose practicing automotive students with more hands-on experience on a variety of vehicles while also providing that precious peace of mind during their long travels for Raya celebrations. The 21-point car inspection involves checking critical parts or components of the vehicle such as tyre condition, brake pad, light, engine oil, transmission oil, coolant and the information will be stored in the SERV app. 

For those who are interested in getting your FREE car inspection, you can make an online booking through the SERV app and search for Car Master Engineering.You can download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. This app isn’t just useful for booking your appointments online but it can also help store your inspection report and monitor your car’s health score as well. 

Wishing you a safe journey on your trips to Balik Kampung this Raya season! On behalf of SERV, we encourage you to take all the precautionary steps necessary to keep you and your family safe on the roads.

About us and the SERV App

SERV believes that every vehicle owner deserves a safe, transparent and reliable source of services at their fingertips. With that mission, SERV established itself in 2017 by offering on-site vehicle maintenance. Today, with a growing number of strategic partnerships with hundreds of Auto workshops across the country, SERV’s offering expands to other essential needs of a vehicle under one app.

SERV app is available on Appstore and GooglePlay

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