As a young & new driver, it can be difficult sometimes to fully understand the inner workings of your vehicle. Some of us can’t connect the image to a name of a vehicle component while most people only know the bare basics of your vehicle parts and why it’s important that it functions well. However, sometimes knowing the bare minimum of your vehicle may not be enough to care for your vehicle.

We may get a little technical today but bear with us while we go through today’s basics on braking systems: what they are, why they’re important and experts on the matter.

Are Brakes Important?

The short answer is YES. The entire braking system is essential for the safety of a vehicle. A few reasons why you may need brakes are:

  • To stop a moving vehicle.
  • To slow down a moving vehicle.
  • To stabilize the vehicle when parking at an incline.
  • To prevent accidents on the road.
  • To prevent the damage to the vehicle in bad road conditions.

How A Car Brakes

Every vehicle ever made has its very own braking system which is basically an arrangement of parts & components that help the vehicle to slow down and stop. This system uses frictional force to stop your vehicle and is comprised of a series of parts such as:

  • Brake Disc
  • Brake Pad
  • Brake Fluid

These parts can be found in nearly every vehicle and are essential to ensure your brakes are in working order. That being said, not every vehicle model or brand has the same braking system. There are various different brake systems that we won’t be going deep into but certain systems may vary in the components they have. If you are curious to understand your vehicle further, we suggest consulting a professional at the workshop!

Brake Parts

It’s important to note the different parts of the braking system in order for us to fully understand our vehicle. We need to know how they work and how long they last in between maintenance which in turn, can help you save some money! Here are a few of the main components in a braking system:

Brake Disc

Exactly as it’s called, a brake disc is an iron disc that is attached to the suspension of a vehicle that is gripped by brake pads. The friction between the brake disc and the brake pad is what causes the vehicle to slow down and stop.

Brake Pads

Brake pads are a flat piece of steel with a thick friction material on one of the sides. This part works with the brake disc to create friction in order to stop the vehicle. However, the friction material layer becomes thinner over time and eventually the brake pads need to be replaced.

Brake Fluid

This fluid is a liquid chemical solution used in most braking systems of modern cars. It helps to amplify the force from the brake pedal (that you step on) and create more pressure on the brakes. Without this fluid, it would take a lot more than just your foot to stop your car!

Maintaining Your Brakes

As with most parts of your vehicle, the more you use it, the faster it is to wear down. Especially with the braking system being one of the biggest safety precautionary measures of every vehicle, it is extremely important to upkeep and maintain your vehicle. These are some of the signs you may need to replace any part of your brakes:

1. A rough grinding sound can be heard when you brake

Any odd sound coming from your vehicle can be a cause for concern. However, this sound is most likely coming from your brake discs or brake pads that are slowly wearing out over time. If you’re hearing this, it would be best to replace your brake pads or brake discs (or both) ASAP

2. Your car is pulling to one side when you drive

If you notice that your car is pulling to either the left or right without you steering it, it may be a sign that the brake pads on one of the sides are more worn out than the other side and is in need of replacing. 

3. You feel vibrations on the steering wheel or brake pedal

Unnatural vibrations coming from these parts when you’re attempting to slow down your vehicle could indicate that your brake discs are warped and need to be changed

4. Your brake warning light is on

The best way to know if your vehicle needs maintenance is monitoring the symbols on the dashboard. If the brake warning light is on, get your car checked immediately. This is likely an indication that the brake hydraulic system has failed, and must be addressed to avoid a serious accident. 

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