Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Do you offer breakdown service?

Unfortunately, we do not offer breakdown service at the moment.

2. Can you service all types and models of vehicles?

Serv provide services for all brands and models of car. Serv team would contact the customer if additional information (ex:chassis number) is required for the booked service.

3. Can you do car repair and tyre change?

We only provide major and minor car servicing at the moment. Based on the free 23 points inspection provided, recommendation for car repair would be made if required.

4. What brand and type of oil do you use?

We provide selections of F1M and CarboOil fully or semi synthetic oil. You can also use your own engine oil. Simply mentioned it when you made your booking with us.

5. What is the benefit of F1M?

F1M is a premium blend that specially formulated to provide exceptional engine performance and protection. Its unique formulation of advanced additives components provides fast flow at start up and good protection at operating temperature.

6. Are your Serv Partners qualified?

Yes, all of our Service Partners are certified (minimum SKM Level 1) and experienced in car service.

7. What type of parts will be used? Do I need to provide the parts?

Rest assured that all the parts used are 100% genuine or branded. We will provide the parts together with the installation service.

8. What if I have my own parts?

Simply mentioned it when you made your booking with us. The price quotation will therefore be made based on the labour cost only.

9. Do I need to provide the tools?

Don't worry, our mechanic will bring all the relevant tools according to the booking made.

10. Does service my car with Serv would void my current car warranty?

This depends on the car manufacturer. Please refer to the respective service center to ensure that servicing with a third party would not void the current warranty.

11. Does Serv offer warranty for the services?

Every service booked with Serv comes with 7 days after sale warranty. Simply refer our Refund Policy for more information.

12. How long is a service?

A regular engine oil change will take up to 45 minutes. Addition of other services such as brake pad and spark plug replacement can lead up to 2 hours.