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You can work wherever and whenever you want. You can also choose to work part-time or full-time. For example, you become your own boss.

Generate income

You can earn money by becoming a Serv Partner. The revenue generated will depend on the amount of service you make, ideal for those who intend to make the Serv as a major source of revenue or simply to generate additional income.

Can increase knowledge and train service techniques

You will become more experienced in the car service industry as you will be exposed to various vehicle models.


Testimonial Avatar
SP Fahmi
SERV Partner

Saya gembira kerana dapat membantu menyelesaikan isu servis kenderaan penguna. Dengan menjadi Serv Partner, saya dapat menjana ekonomi secara fleksibel dari segi masa & lokasi sambil mendapat komen-komen daripada pengguna. Ini amat berguna dalam meningkatkan mutu servis saya.

Testimonial Avatar
SP Suhairil
SERV Partner

Satu medan bisnes yang baru dan boleh diperbaiki dari masa ke semasa. Membuka peluang baru bagi lepasan teknikal automotif untuk menggunakan skill yang dipelajari.

Testimonial Avatar
SP Faiz
SERV Partner

Saya suka berkhidmat dengan SERV kerana saya dapat bekerja pada waktu fleksibel dan saya amat gembira bila dapat membantu pelanggan menguruskan masa apabila kenderaan mereka sedang diservis.

What are Serv and Serv Partner?

Serv is a company that provides a mobile car service concept. Serv will provide website and mobile apps that can help to connect customers with Serv Partners to service their cars.

We applied the shared economy concept, where we did not hire any in-house mechanic. In other words, Serv Partner would be working based on their own preferences and would not be working with us. Be your own boss & start earning money with Serv.

Following are the individuals that are qualified to register as Serv Partner:

  • Automotive Graduates
  • Mechanics
  • Any individual that has experienced in the car servicing industry
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    Disclaimer: Please allow a few working days for us to contact you. By registering, you authorize Serv.my and the involved agent to process your information. Provision of false information will allow you to be discontinued from being a Serv Partner at any time.