Nowadays, crime cases such as robbery, snatches as well as car theft syndicate are often heard in the news. Believe it or not, most car theft incident occurred result of the negligence of the car owner. Most car owner usually does not bother about the safeness of their car. Hence, here we would like to share some tips that can help prevent your car from being stolen.

1. Car alarm system

You need to make sure that you car is equipped with a good car alarm system. Avoid using cheap car alarm system as the system can be easily copied or hacked hence allowing the theft to unlock the car easily. 

2. Do not leave valuable items inside the car

Some car owners like to leave their valuable items such as mobile phones, laptop and bag inside the car as they parked their car. This is very dangerous as it could attract the attention of the thieves. Although sometimes they might not steal the car, they would break the mirror to steal the items.

3. Lock the door and close the window

Every time you will be leaving the car regardless whether for a long or short time, make sure that you have lock the door and close up the window. This would make it harder for the thieves to stole the car

4. Switch off the engine

Every time you will be leaving the car regardless whether for a long or short time, make sure that you switch off the car engine. There have been a lot of stolen car cases due to the car owners did not turn off the engine as they left the car unattended for a while.

5. Park the car with the tyre turning towards the curb

Turning the car tyre towards the curb while make it harder for the thieves or anyone to tow your car. If you are parking in straight position, make sure that you use the hand break as well.

6. Avoid keeping the spare key in the car

Make sure that you did not keep the spare key inside the car or attach it to any parts of the car. Store it somewhere safe and cannot be found by anyone.

7. Do not trust anyone easily

Avoid handing your car key to anyone you did not know, be it for valet parking, mechanic, car wash or tow truck operator. Check for their identification first and try to observe the car as much as possible after handling the keys.

8.Park in public places

Always park your car in public places as thieves usually don’t want to attract attention to themselves. If you going to park the car until night, make sure that you park somewhere that can be seen easily or under the street lights.

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