To some, running a workshop or car maintenance service may seem like an easily achievable feat. However, this may not be the case as many workshops have come and gone in only a matter of years. The question is: how do you ensure that your workshop will thrive and stay successful for years to come? Here’s some tips on how to improve your workshop performance and grow your business into something fruitful and successful.

1. Greet customers with a warm welcome
One of the most essential steps to growing your business is by establishing a strong and friendly connection with your customer. Give them a friendly greeting and an overall helpful experience when servicing their car; answer questions, offer them a seat to wait or even strike up a friendly conversation.

This connection will lead to a sense of trust within your customer which would lead to them becoming a regular or even recommending your services to their peers. This type of marketing will be essential to turn your small workshop into something bigger.

2. Be transparent with your transactions
On the topic of establishing a sense of trust with your customers, remember to always stay transparent with your patrons. Breaching that sense of trust could cost you your entire business, even if it is just a little white lie.

When your customer comes in, be transparent with the overall condition of their car as well as the costs it would take to service it. Do not charge them prior to completing a thorough checkup of their vehicle because there would be a chance that you may have miscalculated the fee. Always stay truthful when dealing with anyone!

3. Understand your car service timing
A successful workshop is one that keeps track of their timing and ensures that no service is done longer than it should. After all, no one wants to have their car in the workshop for weeks on end.

Examine your workload before dealing with a new customer. Keep track of all your current servicing jobs and plan out your time accordingly. This can ensure that all your services can be done on time for all your customers. If a service can be done in 3 days, tell your customers to wait 4 days so that you can thoroughly examine their car and make sure you’ve done the job well.

4. Stay organised with a proper management system
The best way to stay on top of things and keep track of your growing success is by staying organised. Find a proper workshop management system that is easily accessible and convenient for your daily use.

A good example would be the free workshop management system our SERV merchants use. This system helps you to manage all the fix-ins of your workshop such as keeping track of your transactions, storing your customer database, viewing your workshop analytics and many more! SERV wants to help ensure that your business stays successful, all at your fingertips.

Sign up to become a SERV Merchant for FREE and grow your business into one that’s successful and organised!

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